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Welcome to the online home of Old Segundo Productions. We are an innovative new film production company dedicated to producing historical documentaries that will add to our knowledge of American history.  Explore our website to learn more about us!

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One new video about the air war in Europe, Fortress for Freedom: The 388th Bomb Group and the Air War in Wartime Suffolk, 1943-1945, is now available on DVD.

A new film on the American military campaign in northern Mexico chasing Pancho Villa is now available, Patton and Pancho: A Clash of Cultures.

Announcing a new documentary on the American Empire, Empire Marine: Littleton W.T. Waller and the Growth of American Imperialism, 1856-1926. Using the life and career of Major General Littleton Waller, this film reveals American imperial policy across a half a century.

A new film on the evacuation of Japanese Americans in World War II America has been released. Our Journey: Yotaro & Aya Arimura and a family's Life in Twentieth Century America.

These four documentary films and a host of other documentaries are available for immediate shipping. See our video catalog for complete details.

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