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Our Journey: Yotaro & Aya Arimura and a Family's Life in Twentieth Century America
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Our Journey--This documentary traces the story of Yotaro Arimura from late 19th century Japan to his search for the American Dream in the United States. Along the way, he discovered the promise of a new life in the farm country in California, experienced the San Francisco earthquate, and returned to Japan to marry Aya. Together Yotaro and Aya began their family in the agricultural countryside near Fresno, California. By World War II, the Arimura family had ten children and a successful farm business. World War II changed all that forever. This film tells the story of relocation at Camps Jerome and Rohwer in Arkansas and the impact of that experience on the family before and after the war. DVD 60 minutes.

RELEASE DATE: December 6, 2014

LENGTH: 60 minutes

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