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Deopham at War: The Anglo-American Experience in Wartime Norfolk, 1939-1945
ISBN: 0-9708-9279-9
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World War II in Europe began in September 1939. In the villages near Attleborough and throughout the surrounding villages and towns of Norfolk, British families turned to wartime footing as young men went to the forces and each community struggled to transition to rationing, war work, and the constant threat of German attack from the air and sea. In 1942 the first Yanks arrived in Britain, and soon they came to Norfolk where the American airfields rapidly appeared across the landscape and brought the Allied air war to hearth and home. This is the story of British families and young Americans in Norfolk who lived on the battleline of the emerging air war. Together they formed a sense of community and place as each day brought new challenges of war. Produced by Dr. Vernon L. Williams.

RELEASE DATE: August 2012

LENGTH: 58 minutes

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