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Fortress for Freedom: The 388th Bomb Group and the Air War in Wartime Suffolk, 1943-1945
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Fortress for Freedom traces the story of the 388th Bomb Group (H) from activation and training in the United States to combat operations in the European Theater of Operations during World War II. Based at Knettishall, east of Cambridge in wartime England, the men of the 388th took the war to Germany. Beginning on July 17, 1943, the 388th flew 314 missions during three years of active operations. During the war, the Group suffered 91 aircraft lost, 524 men killed in action, 801 taken prisoner, and 2 missing. Supported by British families in the surrounding villages and towns, these young men of the 388th made a difference in the the victory won in the skies over Europe. A unique look at the men who spearheaded the air war against Germany and the price that they had to pay. DVD 62 minutes


LENGTH: 62 minutes

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