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Historical Documentary Production: A Guide
by Vernon L. Williams
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Vernon L. Williams has written the complete guide to historical documentary production, from the research phase to the finished packaging and promotion process. Unlike other documentary production volumes, Williams tackled the subject from the vantage point of the historian who is also the producer/director. This volume includes valuable sections on elements of the documentary process that moves outside the editing studio. This guide includes all the tools an independent producer needs to create films that wil bring history to life and make a difference in the world today.

Table of Contents

Part I: History and the Documentary
1. Introduction
2. Bringing History to the Table
3. The Tools of the Digital Producer/Director
4. The Historian As Producer/Director
5. Historical Research: Cornerstone to the Historical Documentary

Part II: Process and Production
6. The Budget
7. Funding and Grants
8. The Script
9. Oral History
10. Talent and the Commentator
11. The Narration
12. Staging and Lighting
13. Music
14. Audio
15. Titles and Credits

Part III: Tools
16. Hardware Configurations for the Independent Producer
17. Basic Software in the Editing Room
18. Work Flow: Key to a Successful Film
19. The Copy Station: Digital Reproduction and Movement
20. Damage Renovation: Stills and video footage
21. Basic Tools for Image Correction
22. Image Management and Archiving
23. Transfer Work
24. Still Photographs and Stock Footage: Sources and Acquisition

Part IV: Finish Work
25. Getting Started in Distribution and Marketing Your First Film
26. The Professional Look: Basics of Packaging
27. Duplicating: Replication vs. DVD-R Duplication
28. Legal Issues: The Copyright, ISBN/UPC, and Releases
29. Film Festivals and Networking
30. The Press Kit
31. Resources

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